TV Research

For this project I wanted to be mindful of Mental illness portrayal on TV, which meant being sensitive so as not to portray Depression as the horror movie trope. My research shows that on the whole there is a a wide ranging spectrum of depressed characters on TV. I watched a wide range of shows from dark comedies, to more serious dramas where mental illness is the main focus. I wanted to consider the fact that many people that are afflicted with illness will be watching, so I wanted to show how you can cope and live with depression, rather than making it something that can cripple you for life. But I also wanted to point out that depression is not a joke, it’s something to be taken very seriously and does in fact impact your whole life. I wanted to get the balance right. I also wanted to portray it those who don’t have it, and illustrate it in a way that people might understand what it feels like to have it.


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