Southend Rejection

As a group, we had decided that Southend is where we would like to film after all. Initially, that deemed unfeasible because of accommodation costs. However, after a rethink we thought that it would actually be possible, just by reducing the size of the crew, and traveling daily as opposed to staying overnight.

Although we were granted permission by the council to film on Southend Pier, on Monday earlier this week, the claim was rejected because of the concerns of the film promoting suicide.

Therefore, we were adamant with our response, insisting that the film is about recovery and self-acceptance. But I do understand where they are coming from.

Meanwhile, Dominika, Diana and I are returned to the Welsh Harp Reservoir in Brent this morning to do another location recce, as a replacement for Southend.

It is an atmospheric setting, there is also a dangerous pool of water too. And I can picture the exact points where Alison and Andie would be standing. But the only problem is, it’s quite a dull and murky setting. As it’s supposed to be the dream sequence, we would need to film during a sunset and on a clear day to create that strong contrast between a gritty reality and a warm, golden dream.

For now, we will wait until tomorrow to see if Southend have reconsidered our case. Nevertheless, I’m going to look into making the Welsh Harp Reservoir more appealing, rather than a contingency.


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