We’ve been granted filming permission for Southend. Myself and Dominika contacted the council after the permission was initially rejected. And because we weren’t exactly expecting the permission to be formally accepted once again, it’s taken us by surprise and we’ve had to re-think logistics.

Currently, we have raised roughly £400 through crowd-funding, and our crafts and cakes sales. I’m helping Dominika calculate the budget and work out realistic ways of spending the money.

The biggest area we have to focus on at the moment is how we’re going to organise and be ready for the Southend shoot. We’ve got two days of filming lined up in Southend- on the first day it will be the main crew doing a test shoot and establishing shots. The next day will be with the actors, and we only have a limited amount of time to shoot, that’s why we want to prepare as much as possible the day before. Therefore, we’re thinking that it would be ideal if the main crew- Dominika, Jeff and I to stay for overnight in Southend. We want to be mentally prepared for the big shoot with the actors. It’s going to be an early start, as the pier opens at 8am, and we want to get there as soon as possible to grasp the day, and before it gets busy.

Southend is an hour away from central London, and so I know realistically it’ll be quite a challenge for all crew members coming from all directions to get here smoothly on time. That’s why I want to be there the night before, to ensure that I can be ready with a couple of the crew members. Adella would probably meet the other helpers at Fenchurch station, and to be ready at 8am to help us set up in Southend. And Diana would meet the actors at Fenchurch station, and arrive at 9am. I’m hoping this all goes smoothly- it’s just at the moment I’m quite stressed about how everyone is going to get here on time, and also secondly the money.



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