Day 1 and 2 of Filming In the Uni

Yesterday and today the crew and I filmed in the university. Yesterday we filmed the office scenes, and today we filmed the toilet scene.

Yesterday was a very hectic day and we had to cut down many shots on the shot list because we ran out of time. It took a very long time to set up in the morning, because the security at Harrow campus took a while to open J1.17 which is where we had most of our equipment and props stored. This delayed us by one hour, and then once we had the equipment transported to the office space we were filming in, lighting considerations took a dutiful amount of the set-up time. In fact, the shot list could not be followed in order because discussions weren’t made with the gaffer in regards to which shot could flow after another to minimize moving around and using the setups that were already in place.

The Layers BTS_18.jpg

Me directing Molly who plays Alison on the office set. Photo Credit: Rowan Enis Race

Also, I wasn’t exactly sure how many extras there would be until the first day of filming. There were actually 5 extras in total yesterday, plus the main actors. In the days leading up to filming, I had added directions into the script for the extras. However, a couple of the extras despite being very polite, didn’t take the directions very well- I suspect that it may have been their first time performing on set, so that is fair enough. We are all in the same boat, and I’m learning just as much as them. I respect them because we only gave them food, and not other expenses. And the fact that they were open to critical feedback and were polite and enthusiastic, made the day much more pleasant, despite the stresses regarding setup.

Today’s filming went much smoother because we were prepared for the fact that security were likely to open up the rooms later than expected. So the main crew  met up at the same time in the morning, but the others met up later, and finally the actors arrived last.

This time there were only two other extras, and also the filming location was much simpler- we filmed in one of A Block’s toilets. Therefore the framing of the shots were quite simple, and straightforward to follow.

The Layers BTS_116.jpg

Me modeling for the camera, reenacting one of Andie’s scenes. Photo credit: Rowan Enis Race


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