Now That Filming Is Over

All the equipment has been returned, apart from the hard drives which contain all of our raw footage. Dominika will be uploading all the files to the online server at university, and then I will be overseeing the edit with her.

On the 15th and 16th of March, Liv will be coming to university to do studio recording sessions with Ahmed (our location sound recordist). For Ahmed’s MA Audio module, it’s required that he works closely with the song composer.

This Thursday, the rest of the main crew and I will have a meeting to discuss our steps from here. We’ll need to discuss expenses that the crew have paid, as well as how are roles will develop. We will also discuss the possibility of making an interactive video to be released in the run up to the film’s premiere, and also discuss additional funding to support our production.

From next week onwards, Dominika will be putting together the timeline for the visual edit, and once that is done, it’ll be sent back to Liv and her producer for them to fit their music around our edit.



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