Editing should have commenced last week, but Dominika is still waiting for a space on the server. If we knew it would take this long then we would have requested it much earlier, and complaining isn’t going to make the issue be resolved any faster. Our course intern; Tobi was trying to chase the issue up with the IT technicians as the process is taking much longer than expected… I feel a bit apprehensive about how long this is taking, because ideally we would have already uploaded all the rushes, archived them, and made back-ups. And I’m very aware that our Location Sound Recordist Ahmed requires the cut as soon as possible so he can have plenty of time to fine-tune the audio for the visuals before his deadline (which is earlier than mine I believe).

Moreover earlier this week Ahmed told me that he spoke with his course leader and they both agreed that he can use ready made tracks that Liv has made, rather than having Liv come in for a studio recording. This made me feel a bit calmer, because even though I was looking forward to sitting in on a live recording, I’m quite behind on my dissertation which I’m trying to do as much of now before I start my internship next week, and the cancellation meant I could get some work done.

I’m a bit concerned with a couple of group members because I feel as though now that the filming is over, they are slacking. During the production it was essential that everyone was here and so they did comply, but now I’m under the impression that those group members feel that there’s not a lot of work to be done. I’m especially concerned, as Dominika will be starting the editing soon and because I’ll be overseeing it, we really won’t have time to produce the interactive narrative. I want the other group members to take the initiative, but also I’m starting to think that if you want something done well, you have to do it yourself.


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