Moving Fowards

Earlier this evening, Dominika messaged me to say that she has finally received a space on the internal server at uni, so she can start uploading the rushes. This is a huge relief!

She said for now, there’s no need for me to sit in with her in the edit suite, as one of the technicians will be helping her link the files together.

Also, there is the opportunity to take part in making a documentary in a day. Adella’s idea was that we could make a documentary about someone living with Depression. I suggested that we could do a documentary on my experience living with Depression. I also think this would help promote the film, as my Depression is what inspired the story.

I’m a bit nervous in actual fact about exposing myself in a lot of detail, and I’m certainly not used to talking in front of a camera, or talking about myself a lot. But I’m willing to do it, as it saves the time and effort to get to know someone well and then be granted permission to film the


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