Deciding On Which Rough Cut To Use

The first rough cut of the film stands at 17 minutes, which is too long. No matter what, it has to be 10 minutes.

Therefore, Dominika has edited two different rough cuts. The first one follows the original script. It’s very tight as it has been cropped by 7 minutes. It’s visually very quick and snappy and the cuts are very fast.

This second edit is based on Jini’s suggestion to get rid of Day 2 office scene, as we have already established where Andie works and how Alison bullies her there.

From the tutorial, Jini’s suggestion was that the most powerful scenes are the book tearing scene and painting scene. She mentioned to concentrate more on the journey of emotions rather than attempting to illustrate the monotony of Andie’s life.

Overall, this second edit follows a completely different structure, but Dominika believes it’s more powerful and makes more sense.

This one begins with Andie at home cooking, whilst Alison is tearing the books. Next, Andie goes to work, Alison is already there. Alison is giving Andie sly looks. Next, Andie is hiding in the toilet. Afterwards, Andie returns home, goes to the kitchen and she starts painting.

Course of action: review both edits, then decide which one to use. Then let Dominika know, so that she can have it ready for Ahmed to work on the sound.


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