Today I met with Dominika in the edit suite and the two of us watched over the rough cut that she made for the film. After Jini’s feedback last week, we decided that the film should begin with the kitchen scene where Alison is trying to provoke Andie by tearing out pages from a book. This was intended to establish Alison’s character and motivation more quickly and organically than it was shown previously. Also, we cut out the Day 2 office scene which was originally intended to show the monotony of Andie’s routine, but Jini felt that the office atmosphere had already been established and so this was unnecessary, and thus buy us more time.

So today Dominika and I watched over the edit, and smoothed over some parts- such as where the obvious cables and wires still appear despite the letter-boxing, and we also resolved some continuity issues such as in the kitchen where Alison appears to be sitting down, but she is standing up in the next shot without that being made clear. We also shortened some scenes where it felt necessary so that we could bring our overall timing to be shorter.

Also Dominika made the toilet scene much snappier, by inserting quick cut to’s between Alison knocking loudly on the door, and Andie’s reaction. The intended effect was to make the scene more dramatic and intense.


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