Rough Cut Finalised

The rough cut of the film that we are sending to Ahmed to work on for the audio is the version which begins with the pier and commute scene as the establishing shots.

Previously, we had made an edit which began with Alison and Andie’s cooking scene, because we thought it would establish Alison’s character.

But now we are going against that because it reveals the whole character arc too quickly and spoils it. By having the cooking scene at the start, the viewer anticipates that throughout the film there is this pattern of Alison provoking Andie to breaking point, and then manipulating her by appearing comforting.

Jini’s feedback was that the Day 2 office scene is unnecessary, as we already establish Andie’s work life.

But I decided to keep it, as it is significant. It shows the colour change, plus it shows Andie ‘just getting on with it’, despite Alison trying to provoke her. Also, it communicates that Andie it real life can take charge of her own life, despite the thoughts she is struggling with. Illustrated by Andie tying her hair back, and concentrating on her work, even when Alison flicks her pony tail.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 4.37.40 PM.png

Above: Andie pushes Alison away and gets on with her tasks.

To conclude, Dominika is going to send this version to Ahmed for him to fix the sounds and compose the soundtrack with stems from Liv’s song ‘Silence‘.


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