Critiquing Audio For Film

Here are some notes that I made on Ahmed and Darshan’s audio:

(I have copied and pasted my response that I sent via Facbeook)


  • There should be another phone ringing: maybe a different style ring tone, on top of the original one.
  • The water sound at 2:11 is really fresh sounding, I like it!
  • The dialogue during the toilet scene is much better Darshan, but just at the end of the first part where the girl says “yeah” and it switches to the new scene ; that ends a little abruptly and you can’t hear her finish the word “yeah”. I like the laughing effect as well but i think it should start at the timeframe 2:56 because that’s when you can’t see the mouths of the girls. So the laughing goes on literally just before the music starts, so it ends a bit later , perhaps at the time frame 3:01
  • This is probably what you guys have discussed already but some of the guitar is very loud.
  • Also at the final pier scene where Alison gets up, you can’t hear her panting and the sounds of her in frustration. If you could make them louder that would be great, as you can only hear it slightly.
  • There should be a bit where you can hear Andie’s crying as well. So when she is crying, the music will be quieter, and the sounds of her crying will be louder. Also, then the music takes over just before 8:20 because thats when Andie stops crying
  • Finally i’m not sure if we should hear the train sounds at the end . I think it should just be the instrumental.
  • But apart from that I’m really pleased with it! Nice work guys! I’ve listened to it twice now, but I’ll take a break and listen to it again before early this evening with fresh ears to see if there’s anything else i would suggest!



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