Long-Term Coping with Depression

Below are some of typical beliefs that sufferers of Depression shared with a researcher of Depression; David Karp (1994). I will state some of the beliefs that are related to Andie’s experience of Depression underneath.

  1. “Depression has a power over me that controls what I do. I can’t escape it and somehow have to adapt.”
  2. “I know this will be with me for the rest of my life and that I’ll be taking medication forever. But the treatment has helped me reach a balance. Most of the time I’m very functional, but I know sooner or later a really bad depression will knock me down again. I can live with that.”
  3. “It’s like there’s a happy me and a sad me that take turns in my life. I’ve gotten used to it.”
  4. “I really think I’m having a reaction to adverse events in my life and that counseling and medication will get me through this. Eventually I’ll find a way of feeling better that I can maintain.”
  5. “I’ve learned to see pain not as bad or to be avoided but as part of life to be accepted.”
  6. “Depression is a part of life to be explained like any other.”
  7. “I’m pretty well recovered now. I think depression has made me a stronger person with skills and abilities I never would have developed without it.”

I think that all of these explanations can relate to how Andie has felt about her Depression.


During the pier scene, when Andie turns around to find that Alison is no longer there, it signals that Lately, Andie’s viewpoint has shifted and she’s no longer primarily a depressed person. So instead, she goes towards one of the directions that Karp (1994) identified, feeling grounded and only dealing with residual symptoms which no longer add up to depression.



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