Idea for Future Project

‘The Layers’:  Interactive Narrative


First part of the narrative: ‘A Day In the Life of Andie’


  • The first part of the interactive narrative series will be a day in the life of Andie; her daily routine. It will be shot on Go-Pro so that the viewer can interact from Andie’s perspective.


  • As the day unfolds, the user will be given a choice of two options which will direct to the result of choosing a scenario. At first, these sets of videos should present a relatable set of scenarios particularly accurate for the 16-25 year old demographic we are targeting.


  • There will be hints throughout the narrative, which will be information about Depression and Anxiety, as links to information sources. For example, one of the options to click on that will appear when the user is navigating Andie on the computer.


Second part of the narrative: ‘Depressive Episode’


  • It will become more apparent in the second part of the narrative, when Andie will have a major depressive episode. The user will then be able to go down the route of either dealing with the episode in a constructive or a negative way.


  • Moreover, each option will indicate that this isn’t the first time Andie has had a depressive episode. The fact that in the next part she has the option to ‘wing it’ and go to Southend, signals that the protagonist has had enough and wants to start again.


  • However, if the user selects the option to remain in her monotonous life, then the user will be transported back to the first half of the narrative, where they’ll have to go through each scenario again in order to see what happens if you click the Southend option.


  • This will also aim to show the user that Depression is a part of Andie’s life, and she deals with it over and over again.


  • Finally, by clicking the option to go to Southend, the user will be directed to a trailer for ‘The Layers’ film.


Motivations for the Interactive feature


  • The reason why we have included an interactive narrative feature, as well as the film, is to give the user an interactive experience of life for someone with High-functioning Depression.


  • Our final film will be to show Depression as a visual metaphor, represented by Alison. Alison will not be visible or appear at all in the interactive narrative. This will remind the viewer that even though they were ‘playing’ Andie, inevitably Depression can only truly be felt by one’s individual experience of it, and thus the signs are not always obvious.

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