My personal goals for this final major project, is to produce a ten minute film which highlights awareness of high functioning depression and anxiety. Another goal of mine is to combine diegetic and non diegetic sounds effectively, to add meaning and ambience to the piece. This will further accomplish another goal of mine, which is to successfully create this film, without the use of dialogue- therefore heavily relying on sounds, just as much as visuals to tell the story. The story being: an opportunity to provide an encouraging and destigmatizing message about depression and anxiety.

Mental Health Recovery is the main purpose. “Recovery isn’t, unless you are very lucky, a smooth path upward. If you try to hurry yourself to full recovery, the process can be very turbulent indeed and take an age. If you do everything right, there are still usually a lot of ups and downs along the way…” (Dr Tim Cantopher 2003, Depressive illness: The curse of the strong, Sheldon Press). I want to show how you can have a good life, but you can still be depressed. I want to show that the film is not just simply about Depression, but educating an awareness about it.

There is some evidence to suggest that the portrayal of Depression and Anxiety is beginning be reflected in a positive light- not romanticizing the subject, but rather showing that recovery is achievable. The film ‘Inside Out’ shows that every emotion serves an important function and we cannot selectively feel some but not others. Therefore, by numbing sadness, joy is also numbed. Emotions need to be openly expressed, which does includes sadness, although it can be painful. The film shows that sadness fosters connection, when we see someone else feeling sad, we may be empathetic and be compassionate. By connecting with the sad individual, and openly sharing emotions, “the resonating effect can produce a healing experience.”- according to Dr. Janina Scarlet, who is a Clinical Psychologist.