Character Analysis


Andie is a reserved, yet tenacious Customer Service Administrator. She is in her early twenties, and is struggling to lead a grounded life. Andie has had to learn the hard way that starting from the bottom, and working her way up, and playing the long haul is what she must do. Despite this, Andie is stuck in a sort of limbo, between wanting the freedom that Alison represents, and the stability of the corporate world.


Alison is a metaphor for Andie’s Depression. She can be persuasive to the point of being manipulative; for example- comforting Andie even though she was the one that made her upset. Alison wants Andie to relapse and do counterintuitive things to cope with her stress- such as hiding in the work toilet.

Alison is a reminder for Andie’s past- careless, reckless and rebellious.