Plot Overview

A depressed office worker is stagnant in her life because of her bullying colleague. However, her colleague will have a more profound effect on her life than she thinks.

The film begins with our protagonist; Andie on her way to work. When she gets to her work-place, she is stressed and anxious at work. As she struggles with her duties, Alison- her self-destructive taunter mocks Andie’s struggles.

We follow Andie during a typical work day- the stress and anxiety of the tasks she needs to do, and the fear of being judged by her colleagues for being slow or incapable. Alison, her bullying and mischievous colleague tends to appear when Andie is struggling and mocks her. Andie retreats to the toilet cubicle for a moment of solitude, where she can also calm down. However, Alison is outside, knocking on her doors and making Andie feel uneasy. At home, things don’t go any better. Andie’s routine is monotonous and lonesome. Andie does try to be productive- she even tries to instill her old passion for painting, but Alison ends up distracting Alison more and more- to the point where Andie gives up and lets Alison tease her and create a mess.

The film is interlaced with a dream sequence of Andie revisiting happier times as she walks along a seaside setting. As she is walking along, she will notice a figure at the end of a pier wearing the same hoodie and clothing as her. The figure slightly turns around, and we can see that it is Alison who is standing at the end of the pier. Alison turns back around, staring at the waves looking blank and numb. She looks vulnerable. Andie sighs and looks up at the sky with a hopeless expression, suggesting that she might be persuaded to join Alison.

However, there is a pivotal moment in this scene, as Andie decides to comfort Alison, by holding her clenched fists in her hands, which calms her down. As Alison has calmed down, she seems peaceful, almost gracious. Andie and Alison are in acceptance of each other, and Andie walks away, to defy her Depression. Alison remains in the same spot, signalling that Andie, this time round, won the upper hand over her chaotic mind. Andie turns around and Alison has disappeared. Andie seems relieved.

Our end message is that no matter how much Depression can take a hold of you and appear to comfort you, in the end there is a moment when all sufferers can have a moment where they defy their Depression- even if it is only for a day. We’re not saying that Depression can suddenly be cured- but recovery is a process. And although tomorrow Andie could be weak, today Andie was courageous and was stronger than her illness.

In the final scene taking place in the apartment, Andie steps back from her finished painting of a seaside setting. She admires the piece that both her and Alison have created.